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An expert in performance tuning, replication, high availability and data warehousing, Mr. McCartney is an excellent problem solver and enjoys sharing his knowledge with clients. His professional background is extensive, including 25 years of involvement with Oracle. Bruce is an Oracle 12G Certified Professional (OCP). as well as a Certified Data Vault Modeler, and Certified Data Vault 2.0 boot-camp Instructor. He teaches Data Vault 2.0 Certification across North America , New Zealand and Australia. Bruce was a co-founder of both DBCORP and First4.



Dave brings extensive executive experience overseeing the overall direction of First4 and its marketing activities.  He has held senior positions at Oracle, DBCORP and CGI.   On the technical side, Dave still stays active in Data Modelling and Oracle Apex development.   He designs, builds and supports Oracle Apex web based applications for start up businesses. Dave was a co-founder of both DBCORP and First4.




Candy oversees the daily operations of First4 and is the key focal point for customer interaction with First4.  She has held senior customer focused positions at DBCORP, Cognicase and CGI.   Building on her background as an Oracle DBA, Candy is an active Oracle APEX developer. She develops for both clients and  First4's numerous Oracle APEX portals. Candy is a co-founder of First4.



Steve leads First4's technology innovation . He oversees all of the First4 infrastructure both in the cloud and at First4's office.  Steve is a Database Technical Specialist with significant expertise in both Oracle and Microsoft Relational Database Management systems. He is well known within the local IT community, is an Adjunct Instructor at SAIT, presented locally and internationally. Steve was an employee for several large Oil & Gas firms and was a  senior database consultant with DBCORP Cognicase and CGI prior to becoming a Partner at First4. Steve is a co-founder of First4.

The First4 Team: Team
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